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Most of the PC uniform can be purchased from The Warehouse, Porirua.   Please see the list below of what items can be purchased from the school office. 

Students can choose from a variety of uniform items.  All students MUST have a minimum of 1 x Bottom Item, 2 x Top Items and 1 x Outer Layer. 

The Bottom Item can be either trousers, shorts lavalava or a skirt.

The Top Item can be either a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve shirt or a polo shirt.

The Outer Layer can be either a jersey or a sweatshirt.

A black, warm and waterproof jacket MUST be worn during the colder months.  

A PE shirt and shorts are compulsory items for Year 9 and 10 students.

Students can wear black or white shoes with black or white socks.

If you receive income from Work & Income NZ and need some assistance in purchasing the required uniform, WINZ may be able to help you.  You will need to contact them by telephone (0800 559 009) to make an appointment to discuss this.



Guideline Prices as at 2023.  The items available for purchase are:

Bottom Items:  
Unisex Trousers (purchase from The Warehouse) from $90.00 - $98.00
Lava lava (purchase from The Warehouse) $43.00
Skirt (purchase from The Warehouse) $40.00
Shorts (purchase from The Warehouse) $27.00 - $45.00
Top Items:  
Shirt - long sleeve (purchase from The Warehouse) $40.00 - $48.00
Blouse - short sleeve (purchase from The Warehouse) $37.00 - $42.00
Polo Shirt (purchase from The Warehouse) $33.00 - $38.00
PE Items:  
PE T-Shirt, Junior (purchase from The Warehouse) $14.00 - $15.00
PE T-Shirt, Senior (purchase from PC school office) $25.00
PE Shorts (purchase from The Warehouse) $25.00 - $35.00
Outer Layer Items:  
Jersey (purchase from The Warehouse) $84.00 - $$95.00
Sweatshirt (purchase from The Warehouse) $39.00 - $43.00
Waterproof, lined Jacket (purchase from The Warehouse) $90.00
Optional Items:  
Tie (purchase from PC school office) $23.00
Bucket Hat (purchase from PC school office) $15.00
Scarf (purchase from PC school office) $25.00
Blazer (purchase from PC school office) $185.00



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