We have a student leadership structure that allows all students to be part of leading the changes they want to see at Porirua College. Year 13 prefects lead academic, arts, sports, cultural and community councils that make a difference to life at college and beyond. Any student can get involved in one of these councils or can seek nomination to the overall student council.                                                                                                                                                                   

This year our school is being strongly led by Head Students,

E J Roebeck & Audrey Tea


They join forces with our 2 Deputy Head Students

Megan Akavi & Lima Leaupepe


... and all together they become this year's formidable group of Prefects

Back Row: Abdelhamid Baraka, Cyrus Time, Gemma Vailahi, Soane Tuangalu, Ihaia Skipworth, Neru Sheck, EJ Roebeck, Avia Lemisio

2nd Row: Angelina Polutea, Megan Akavi, Melena'a Moala, Katannah Ikenasio, Drew Vanilau, Sarai Fakaofo Panapa, Falefiaoalii Failautusi, Blessing Time Taotua

Front Row: Jazanaia Gagamoe, Audrey Tea, Principal Ragne Maxwell, Lima Leaupepe, Agape Tuai'aufa'i


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