Board of Trustees


If you would like to contact the Board Chair please email       

Porirua College Board of Trustees 2021

Aroha Marsh (Chairperson)

Ragne Maxwell (Principal)

Lima Leaupepe (Student Trustees)

Jeanette de Thierry, Abby Teaukura, Tiatia Tua'au, Pelenatete Su'a Tapu (Parent Trustees)

Nadia Matehaere Taylor-Edwards (Staff Trustee)

Clare Waddle (Board Secretary)


Board meetings are held from 5.30pm and the public may attend the 1st half of the meeting.  You can also ask at the office to read the public minutes of the Board meetings. When the Board goes in-committee, the public will be asked to leave the meeting.


The dates for this year's meeting are: 

1. Thursday 25th February

2. Thursday 25th March

3. Thursday 27th May

4. Thursday 24th June

5. Thursday 29th July

6. Thursday 26th August

7. Thursday 30th September

8. Thursday 28th October 

9. Thursday 25th November


College Policies

Please click here to read Porirua College's Policies.


Reports to the Ministry of Education

Please click here for the Annual Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2019.

Please click here for the Annual Plan 2019.



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