Porirua College

Whiti Te Ra - The Rising Sun

Board of Trustees

If you would like to contact the Board Chair please email asktheboard@pen.net.nz       


The Porirua College Board of Trustees 2016

Aroha Marsh (Chairperson)

Murray Faivalu (Student Trustee)

Linda John (Parent Trustee)

Fuatino Faumuina (Parent Trustee)

Mary Day (Staff Trustee)

Henry Samia (Parent Trustee)

Maxine Williams (Parent Trustee)

Ragne Maxwell (Principal)

Clare Waddle (Board Secretary)


Board meetings 2016

Board meetings are held from 5.30pm and the public may attend the first half of the meeting and when the Board goes in-committee, the public will be asked to leave the meeting. 

The dates for this year's meetings are as follows:

Thursday 14th April

Thursday 26th May

Thursday 30th June

Thursday 28th July

Thursday 25th August

Thursday 22nd September

Wednesday 26th October

Thursday 24th November