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Please download a copy of the Enrolment Form by clicking on the Form below:

Please complete and return by post or email to the school office (poriruacollege@pen.net.nz)


Please download a copy of the school prospectus by clicking on the Prospectus below:


If you are thinking of enrolling at Porirua College you may take the first step here

We have a Maths and English AssTLe test which we administer to our year 9 students. This forms our baseline data and is very useful for allocating classes and academic programmes to our new students. Our students are tested every year in AssTLe particularly, as well as tests and assessments in their course work. The AssTLe tests, however, give us an idea of academic progress in literacy and numeracy over three years.

Once we get the enrolment form, we send a letter to say we have received the enrolment. This letter also outlines other dates that are important to know.


Porirua College is zoned. The Home Zone is bounded by:

  • SH1 (Johnsonville-Porirua Motorway) to the west
  • Kenepuru Stream and Bothamley Park to the north
  • Porirua Park to the south and Belmont Regional Park to the south and east and includes
  • Champion Street and all streets off it
  • Mungavin Road and all the streets off it
  • Warspite Ave and all side streets to its roundabout intersection with Omapere Street.

Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.


All students must have correct full uniform, their own school bag, the correct books for their subjects, pens/pencils and a school diary. Please ensure that your child comes to school well equipped.

Just for your information and financial planning, here is a summary of costs for your child or children at school:

Voluntary donation (for only one child at the College) $30.00

Voluntary donation (for family - two or more children at the College) $35.00

Stationery fees please refer to the Stationery and Fees Lists

Subject fees please refer to the Stationery and Fees Lists

Uniform requirements and costs please refer to the Uniform List

Sports fees (for each sport your child participates in) $20.00 per sport

Trip fees (please note extra fees may apply for trips):

  • For Science and English trips throughout the year from $10.00 per trip
  • For Geography field trip expenses from $25.00

Sports trips (If students are selected for a regional/national competition, they will be required to contribute to the trips below):

  • Weekly trips from $12.00
  • Daily trips from $10.00

Poly Club for Polyfestival:

  • Costumes from $10.00
  • Transport fees from $5.00

Qualification Fees for Senior Students:

  • To enter qualifications without financial assistance, $76.70
  • To enter qualifications with financial assistance (max $30 per household), $20.00

To get Financial Assistance, families must fill out an application form. All families with a Community Services Card will get Financial Assistance when the family provides details of the card to the school. For other families without a Community Services Card, it is worth applying (many families in this situation have also gained Financial Assistance in past years). We expect that most families in the school will be able to get Financial Assistance if they apply for it.

Please note that the above is subject
to change.



In 1980 our school was given the right to use the kowhaiwhai pattern that is seen on the school blazer, on the sports uniforms and in the gymnasium. It depicts the mangopare, and is symbolised by the double koru. This used to be emblazoned on the school gold and brown jersey. We have kept it on our blazer and sports uniforms.

Porirua College introduced a new school uniform in partnership with Kia Kaha Clothing in 2006. In 2009 we changed our suppliers but the overall design of the uniform has remained almost unchanged.

The uniform shop is open on Tuesday during interval (10.50 - 11.10am) and Friday during interval and lunchtime (1.00 - 1.40pm).  Please come to reception.

Payment for uniform items may be cash, cheque, eftpos or an existing automatic payment.

All items of school clothing are supplied by the college, except plain black shoes. The list below sets out the prices of the compulsory and optional items. Please note, that optional items cannot be replaced with non-regulation items - for example, if a jersey or jacket is required to be worn they must be of the regulation kind.

A list of uniform is included in the enrolment packs. Here are the basic items students must have:

  • Boys' and girls’ trousers $45.00
  • Lavalava $45.00
  • Uniform shorts $33.00
  • Girls' skirt $60.00
  • Dress white shirt $40.00
  • Polo shirt $40.00
  • Jersey $70.00
  • Vest $60.00
  • PE shorts $30.00
  • PE t-shirt (junior) $22.00
  • PE t-shirt (senior) $15.00


All students must have correct full uniform, their own school bag, the correct books for their subjects, pens/pencils and a school diary. Please could you ensure that your child comes to school well-equipped.

All students must have the following:

Two pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, transparent ruler, two blue and one red ballpoint pens.

For further information on other stationery requirements, please contact the office.

International Students

Porirua College is not currently accepting International Students except for AFS Exchange students.