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Year 9 programme:

The year 9 students study English, Maths, Social Studies, Science, Health and PE and choose four options – two undertaken in terms one and two, and a further two in terms three and four. One of these must be a language.

All year 9 students are placed in a learning house and a learning coach group.

The Yr 9 Choices Programme, which is run by Ignite, runs during the learning coach time and is a time where the year 13 peer mentors lead the year 9 students in a series of activities throughout the year.


Junior Options:

Languages offered: Te Reo, Samoan, Tokelauan and Cook Islands Māori.

Other Options: Economics, Visual Art, Music, Performing Arts, Maori Performing Arts, Hospitality, Design Technology, Design & Visual Communication and Computer Studies.

Year 10 programme:

All year 10 students study English, Maths, Social Studies, Science and Health and PE. Similar to year 9 they also choose four options from among the junior options outlined above.

All year 10 students are placed in a learning coach group and a learning house.

Senior School:

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Life Skills Programme

This course has been designed for year 12 and 13 students. It concentrates on matters affecting young people, their health and is a positive effort to prepare students for life beyond secondary school. Life Skills is based on areas of need as defined by students and staff and includes the delivery of some standards that have credits. 


Learning Coach Groups

All students are placed in a learning coach groups.  Seniors have a different focus from the junior learning coach groups. The focus is more on academic support and tracking and dealing with absences. Learning coach time is for NCEA work completion, tracking of credits and addressing attendance concerns and homework completion.  A student's Learning Coach teacher is a key contact person for parents who want to know how their child is progressing at school.  Parents can email their Learning Coach teacher or call the school office on 237 5465.  

Att students are encouraged to set learning goals at the start of the year.  These are uploaded onto the Teacher Dashboard and used in a discussion between student, parent and the Learning Coach teacher during the Learning Conference Day held in March of each year.  These goals are referred to during the year in Learning Coach time also to mark progression of students in their academic work.

College Culture

We actively encourage our students to participate in the Porirua College Culture scene. This is also where we shine beyond other schools. We have hundreds performing in Polyfest annually where students can gain credits from dance and performance. We also have some excellent itinerant music tutors who can give musical instrument tuition at no cost to families. We enter Cultural competitions and do extremely well in them – such as the Shakespeare festival, the Big Sing and Pasefika Beats.


Homework Club

On Thursdays, school finishes early and teachers undertake professional development and students are encouraged to go to the Homework Club in the library.  Homework Club runs from Monday - Thursday until 5.00pm each day after school.  For the last 3 years Porirua College has hosted PASEFIKA POWERUP which is a MOE funded initiative.  This is an afterschool tutoring and homework programme with additional parent information programmes included.

Awards & Scholarships

The College has a number of scholarships and awards to disperse to senior students.  We have been successful in gaining First Foundation scholarships for a small number of our year 12 students.  The latest recipient is Talitupe Smith who was awarded a First Foundation scholarship in 2015.  We cannot guarantee to get one of these prestigious scholarships every year, but we also successfully gain other scholarships and funding to help year 13 students afford to go to university. We have usually upwards of 10-12 scholarships for Tertiary study available.

We also run a highly successful OUTREACH programme administered by Victoria University which helps to prepare students for university and meets weekly.  Senior students are encouraged in Years 11 & 13 are encouraged to attend.  It includes trips to our local universities during the year.

STAR Funded Courses

We have a range of STAR funded courses available including trades, barista, fashion and design, hospitality and travel and tourism.

STAR funded courses give our senior students an understanding of pathways to further education or a job. We also have unit standards in vocational subjects as well, such as the NZ Certificate in Travel and Tourism, and the NZ Certificate in Retail.


We are also a Gateway funded school and have up to 25 senior students placed in work experience for which they gain credits on the Framework. Gateway is a great opportunity for students to experience the world of work, receive on the job work training and also gain credits towards their NCEA level 2 or 3.

Academic Support

We have a very effective Outreach mentoring programme with Victoria University, as noted above.  

Careers and Transition Service

We have an excellent Careers and Transition department and a good track record of placing students into their next steps for careers. This Department runs the STAR funded courses and Gateway. Year 11 students have one-on-one careers counselling early in their first year in the senior school. The gateway students undertake the Kiwi Host programme and a first aid course as part of their coursework.