Porirua College

Whiti Te Ra - The Rising Sun

About Us

Porirua College has certainly changed, grown and developed since 2010.  We have the best of both worlds – a medium-sized school with an excellent school climate and a family atmosphere where we can offer a good range of subjects.


Our College has:

  • Four new learning houses
  • A safe school
  • A newly built/refurbished school with modern and flexible learning environments
  • A wireless and laptop learning environment
  • An award-winning restorative justice programme
  • Greatly improved its academic outcomes for junior and senior students
  • Typically achieved 100% in its SET assessments for PB4L


Porirua College offers the following advantages:

  • A Safe School: All surveys in the last eight years, and the ERO reports have told us that we have a safe school and a school environment imbued with the value of respect. By far the majority of students are happy at the school, and feel well cared for by teachers, Pastoral Leaders and their learning coach teacher.  


  • A Good Subject Choice: We have a wide range of NCEA courses in the senior school. In the junior school we have the usual subjects and a good range of options as choices. We also offer a comprehensive range of Pasefika languages as well as Te Reo.


  • Excellent Care and Support Networks: We have won praise from our local community for our excellent care and support networks. We have effective school/home links through our Community Liaison Officer scheme. We have an automatic text messaging system that alerts parents immediately if their child is not at school and we are very tough on absenteeism, and have halved our absence rates over seven years, to below the National average for similar schools. Porirua College has built effective relationships through working closely with families. We welcome parental involvement at any time and for any reason, at school.


  • A well-established tradition of sporting and cultural programmes and achievements: Porirua College has always been known to have good sports teams and achievements. We link sporting success with academic success, and promote good practice and training in both. Our polyfest groups are outstanding, and every year we are excellent participants in the local polyfestival. Well over half the school participates in Polyfest and we are by far the largest school group at this event.


  • Good teaching and learning: Our teachers have had excellent and ongoing professional development as part of the MoE funded clusters, and most recently as part of the PEG cluster. The results in the senior school show our students are above the national average for school leaver statistics for Maori and Pasefika students at levels 2 and 3 NCEA.


  • Going to Tertiary Education: Typically over 50% of our year 13 students have gone on to Tertiary Education. Year 13 students favour our local University, Victoria and our local Polytechnic, Whitireia for the most part, but we also have students at other Universities throughout New Zealand.


  • Tracking programmes: In the senior school, the academic progress of all students is carefully tracked, through the Learning coach group, and in other ways. Under the NCEA qualifications framework, tracking is one very effective way of ensuring academic success, and it encourages good career planning and the development of suitable academic pathways. Senior students should see University or Tertiary Education as their next step in education after school.


  • ICT support and availability: We have three full computer suites and a sound wireless platform to enable the use of laptops and Chromebooks around the school. Every student has regular access to PC’s and laptops which are distributed widely throughout the learning houses and the specialist areas and of course the library. As well we belong to te Mana o Kupe Trust which is part of the PEG cluster ICT initiative. This enables us to offer a Chromebook already configured to the College ICT systems, fully insured and “ready to go” to our new year 9 students on a lease-to-own basis. For as little as $4.00 a week a family can enable their child to own a Chromebook that is used regularly at school and for home learning. We are part of a Victoria University research project looking into what impact on home learning such a scheme may offer students.


  • A sense of respect: Our first core value is to do with respect, and this is the area where we have successfully made the greatest changes. Visitors to the College, without exception, remark on the everyday practice and expression of this important value they see happening.


  • Effective support networks: We have a Guidance Counsellor, a Social Worker, Community Liaison Officer, the services of a full time Nurse, part time Doctor and RTLBs. We also have Pastoral Leaders in each Learning House. We have an HoD Learning Support and use the SPEC programme to supplement learning in the mainstream.


  • A school-wide learning coach group programme: Every student is placed in a learning coach group in which they will usually stay from year to year. The learning coach supports the academic learning in the senior school and the CHOICES programme runs for year 9 students in the learning coach time. We have a ten minute morning “Check and Connect” to start the school day with the learning coach.


  • Excellent home/school links: Our Community Liaison Officer, Phil is a past recipient of Wellingtonian of the Year Award in the 'Working with Youth' section. He is very well known and respected in the local community. He provides an increasingly widely recognised, effective service in keeping parents well informed about the school and feeling properly understood and supported. Phil is an “ace” restorative justice practitioner. We have an active and effective Whānau Advisory Group and Samoan & Cook Islands Parent groups that meet regularly.